SAVOY, Texas – A few of the elder citizens remember that Sunday, May 28, is the fifty-ninth anniversary of the Savoy cyclone. Being the first such disaster to visit this section of the country, it attracted attention all over the state.… Read More

Promotional brochure for the 1967 Savoy Male and Female College Reunion, featuring editorials, biographies, and stories.… Read More

In any celebration of the founding and successful operation of Savoy College, Professor Lewis Holland deserves a large share. In collaboration with Professor R.R. Halsell, they organized the college in 1876, and remained equal partners in the conduct and affairs of the school for twelve or fifteen years when Mr. Holland resigned to enter other… Read More

Savoy College was organized in 1876 by prof Robt. R. Halsell. For four years this institution was conducted by its founder and owner as a local school for the children of families in the small towns and settlements of the region.… Read More