After a residence of five years in Denison, I moved to Savoy, a station on the Transcontinental line, 11 miles from Bonham, and I was in the mercantile business there when the cyclone struck in 1800. I retired early on the night of the cyclone which came at about 10 o’clock. Before I dropped of… Read More

The Denison News says people shook their heads when we publishsd the account of a stone weighing a ton falling on the Rick farm, blown there by the Savoy cyclone but elder Kone goes us one better. In his sermon on Sunday morning he spoke of sheep and cattle being carried through the air a… Read More

The storm king seems to rule supreme; in the entire history of modern times there is nothing on record to compare with the tornadoes that have ravaged the land during the past few years.… Read More

Sitting comfortably on a well-worn pew in the Savoy Methodist Church, you can almost hear the sounds made by generations of congregational members. Surely the men’s low voices, the children’s laughter, and the women’s lyrical soprano tones intermingled through the years in countless hymns, liturgies, studies, and prayers.… Read More