For the first five years after Savoy College was burned, we have very little data concerning the school and its work. In 1895, it is revealed by an old catalog, that there were four teachers: L.C. Gee, Principal and teacher of Languages and Science; E.L. Trotter, Mathematics and History; W.W. McMahon, Preparatory Department; Miss Martha… Read More

In any celebration of the founding and successful operation of Savoy College, Professor Lewis Holland deserves a large share. In collaboration with Professor R.R. Halsell, they organized the college in 1876, and remained equal partners in the conduct and affairs of the school for twelve or fifteen years when Mr. Holland resigned to enter other… Read More

Savoy College was organized in 1876 by prof Robt. R. Halsell. For four years this institution was conducted by its founder and owner as a local school for the children of families in the small towns and settlements of the region.… Read More

The most western town in Fannin County is located 12 miles west of Bonham along the Grayson County line. The community was named for William Savoy who settled in the area in the late 1850s. Colonel Savoy, as he was often called, bought more land than anyone at that time in the Savoy vicinity.… Read More

This article is dedicated to the commerce of Savoy’s past. Around the turn of the 20th century Savoy boasted almost 40 businesses in town. We’d like to track these down. Here are a list of known businesses which have existed here along with approximate dates. Obviously many of these did not coexist (lots of groceries).… Read More

SAVOY-A vicious pre-dawn fire which started in a frame building swept through the south side of Savoy early Saturday and laid waste to a large part of the business district of this West Fannin County town of 314 persons.… Read More

SAVOY – A town meeting has been set for the school house at 7:30 p.m. today to start the ball rolling toward getting some fire fighting equipment for Savoy. Mayor S. A. Bibby called the fmeeting this morning as an aftermath to the $15,000 fire that destroyed the Savoy Church of Christ Sunday morning.… Read More

What happens when your house catches on fire? The Denison Herald found out first hand from its Savoy correspondent, Miss Elizabeth Large, last week when blazing embers from the burning Church of Christ showered down on her home.… Read More