Only one unfortunate was brought before the mayor Monday morning. He acknowledged to the mayor that he had just taken a little too much. The usual fine was entered but a stay of execution was granted on promise to leave town and go to his work on the Denison and Southeastern Railroad. A fight between some women on Crawford street will furnish the mayor’s sort with some work this morning.

Dr. A.W. Acheson amputated four fingers on the left hand of J.J. Eby below the knuckle joint Monday evening. Eby had his hand crushed between the cars in the MK&T yard Monday afternoon.

A citizen residing in the Third Ward wished to know if the committee on streets and alleys cannot spare a few wagon loads of earth to help in filling up the gulley on Rush avenue near George Walters’. George has done more than his share towards making it possible for a person to cross that gulley in rainy weather, and the city should do something at least. He seems to think that the Third Ward is rather slighted by the committee.

Drs. White and Berry went to Savoy Saturday morning, returning in the afternoon. They inform the News reporter that gangrene has attacked most of those injured in the tornado. The situation of Savoy and the recent heavy rains has been a serious drawback. It is expected that one or two more will be added to the death list.

A Negro lad aged about 16 years old was before the mayor on Tuesday noon charged with disturbing the peace by using very abusive language to a colored man. He was drunk at the time. He was fined two dollars and costs, which amount he will work out on the streets. There is a state law as well as a city ordinance against selling liquor to minors, and one of these days some of our saloon keepers will be severely fined. It is bad enough to see grown people in a state of intoxication, but a mere lad in such a condition is a pitiful sight.


  1. Denison Daily News, June 2, 1880