What happens when your house catches on fire? The Denison Herald found out first hand from its Savoy correspondent, Miss Elizabeth Large, last week when blazing embers from the burning Church of Christ showered down on her home. “I might have been less excited if my house hadn’t of caught fire,” Miss Large told us. “But when the shingles on the roof caught, all I could think of was getting them out.” Miss Large
said it was one time when she wished fervently for the old style telephone. “I couldn’t dial a number to save my life,” she said. Anyway you or Miss Large look at it, it was a hot time in old Savoy last Sunday.

Incidentally, Miss Large’s report of the fire Monday morning was a good example of reporting. She had all details wrapped up nicely. She told us later how the Ector fire truck reached Savoy. One of the Witherspoon brothers saw the Bonham fire truck speed west on US82 and looked in the direction it was taking and saw the smoke and flames from the fire. So, he got into the fire truck, rang the bell and by the time he had the truck backed out, had a pretty sizable crew of volunteers on hand. We also learned that the alert Ector volunteers saw the smoke and flames from the Bonham fire later in the weekend showed up over there to help keep the damage down. That’s real fine community work. The Ector volunteers deserve a round of thanks for that kind of cooperation.


  1. Denison Herald – February, 1954