SAVOY– Fifty-seven years ago May 28, a cyclone struck Savoy, and moved the town. The freakish wind demolished every house on Main Street and the town was rebuilt on Hayes Street which is now Highway 82.

Not a single resident who witnessed the cyclone remains in Savoy, but several in this area can tell of the storm. H.H. Arterberry, merchant here for 40 years, but now lives Southeast of town, recalls a Miss Minnie McMurray who was blown from her home into a pig pen some distance away.

Dr. S.D. Moore of Van Alstyne and his former roommate, Sam Harle of Durant, Okla., were blown two blocks from their bedroom and every thread of their clothing went with the wind. Chickens were stripped of their feathers.

Thirteen were killed in the cyclone and the old Halsell College was turned into an emergency hospital.1

  1. Sherman Daily Democrat, June 1, 1937