1872 – 1989 Written by Margie Morris, July 14, 1989 Sitting comfortably on a well-worn pew in the Savoy Methodist Church, you can almost hear the sounds made by generations of congregational members. Surely the men’s low voices, the children’s laughter, and the women’s lyrical soprano tones intermingled through the years in countless hymns, liturgies,… Read More

A rather remarkable occurrence took place last Saturday morning on the place of Mr. Rick, who lives on the Blue River in the Indian Territory. While crossing a field in from of his house, he was startled by a large rock being hurled through the air and falling to the ground a few feet in… Read More

Only one unfortunate was brought before the mayor Monday morning. He acknowledged to the mayor that he had just taken a little too much. The usual fine was entered but a stay of execution was granted on promise to leave town and go to his work on the Denison and Southeastern Railroad. A fight between… Read More

The most western town in Fannin County is located 12 miles west of Bonham along the Grayson County line. The community was named for William Savoy who settled in the area in the late 1850s. Colonel Savoy, as he was often called, bought more land than anyone at that time in the Savoy vicinity.… Read More

Savoy, Texas was hit by an F4 tornado. 14 people were killed and 60 were injured. It leveled the entire business and northeast residential sections. The tornado was described as “a funnel blazing with balls of fire”.… Read More

Mr. McMurry and I had retired for the night, our bedroom being in the front part of the house. We were awakened from a sound sleep by deafening peals of thunder, the terrible roar of the wind, and a mighty down pour of rain that fell in blinding sheets. our first thoughts were of Minnie,… Read More

After a residence of five years in Denison, I moved to Savoy, a station on the Transcontinental line, 11 miles from Bonham, and I was in the mercantile business there when the cyclone struck in 1800. I retired early on the night of the cyclone which came at about 10 o’clock. Before I dropped of… Read More