Fannin County Education in the Late 1800s

The Savoy Male and Female College influenced the lives or hundreds of young men and women during the years before 1890 when it flourished in the town of Savoy. Like all of the private schools, it had periods of financial uncertainty. The president of the college alleviated this situation by a cooperative program with the Commissioner of Indian Affairs.

First Coed School in Texas

Savoy Male and Female College was probably the first collegiate coeducational school in Texas to admit men and women to the same classes on the same academic standards.

Savoy Male and Female College Established

The Savoy Male and Female College was established in 1876 and was one of the first coeducational academic institutions in North Texas. The school provided educational opportunities regardless of ability to pay tuition for young men and women in the area and Native American students from reservations in Oklahoma. It also offered primary and preparatory classes for county school children.

Savoy is Officially Established

Charter for the city of Savoy is filed on April 15, 1873

Colonel William Savoy – Founder

The Founder of Savoy. — The town of Savoy, which was founded in 1872, derived its classic name from its founder, William Louis Marshall Savoy, better known as Colonel William Savoy. He was born in Mississippi in 1818, and received a liberal education including training in modern languages which he later developed in practical use.

Post Office Opens

The settlement grew slowly until after the Civil War, when hundreds of settlers began arriving in the area. In 1873 a post office opened.

Savoy Land is Purchased

Savoy was established about 1863 by Colonel William Savoy, a pioneer settler and landowner who had arrived in the area in the late 1850s.