The storm king seems to rule supreme; in the entire history of modern times there is nothing on record to compare with the tornadoes that have ravaged the land during the past few years. The terrible calamity that visited the town of Marshfield Mo., has just been repeated on a smaller scale at the village of Savoy, in Fannin county in this state. The latter named own on Saturday last was visited by a terrible rain and wind storm resulting in nearly the destruction of the town and the killing of nine persons. The track of the cyclone was upwards of a quarter of a mile wide and in its course everything was razed to the ground.
The people in the devastated district are in a terrible straight and appeal for aid. Citizens in the towns of Northern Texas have already responded liberally.

There is, perhaps, not another town in the state, whose citizens are more charitably disposed than those of Brenham, but it seems they are a little dilatory in duty towards the Savoy sufferers, as we have heard of no move being made towards procuring funds for their relief. Who will take the lead in this matter?

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